Hey BC

I always can’t tell just how raggedy at the seams its manifesting from me.  Nonetheless:  BC on Friday, January 31 at 8pm.

I have the good fortune to again be playing with the FrenchCanadianIrishKorean Mexicans (Hey this is america-deal with it).  I’m happy about the drums and the accordion, really happy.   And frankly the guitar and fiddle?  Thick icing on some huge cake.  All right then maybe not so ambivalent.

Come out and play.

Hey BC again

And I think Zeke Leonard will be stopping by for a few tunes-  so very very bueno.

Saturday January 18th in the Town of Spark

Saturday, January 18 please come catch this Sparkytown gig.  I’ll be playing some new music, Bob Wills redux, some handsome rolling blues inspired by an old Peter Green tune and a paper from last century on ink gazing, a song of advice:  dig a hole and whisper into it, etc.  I have the good fortune to be playing with Mick Walker, Bob Alexander, Tom Fay and Carolina Kim.

Accordion Requinto Percussion trio will be joined by the Mexicans—and by Mexicans I mean the Korean and the Three Irishmen. I believe Shag on Roofs will be headlining.

Sparkytown is over on Burnett and it is a hip vibe.  Come out.