Thanks Barge Canal and Sandy Roe and some other items:

IMG_52925864838282Thanks for the photo Sandy Roe.  I’ve got a busy week with the Zeke Leonard/Kronos thing and some other stuff.  After that I am prepping for my May 10 performance at the Westcott Community Center.  At that concert I’ll be working with the “Heroes of the Dark Continent “and also resurrecting the “New Spanish Mystics”.  Keep ya posted.

First Draft: video by Juan Junco


My father’s maple, out back

Down among the roots I buried my dog Jack

I’m a Duke in exile, brother far from me

Through my kitchen window this is what I see:

Under the branches crawl the shadows reaching out to me


First I’ll close your eyes then I’ll close mine

Weary and weak I’ll lay down this body of mine, of mine

I lofted my banner, ridden full bore

All of you sleepwalking through this life

I declare war, I declare war, A lifetime of war

I’ve got a shovel gonna work it with my back

Gonna dig another hole next to my dog Jack

I’ll give a name to all my living hurt

Speak it to the ground: From my lips unto the earth

I’ll whisper in that hole and fill it, fill it up with dirt



My work is done, I’m finished with beneath

Gonna lean that shovel up against the tree

I’ll walk away exile on my back

I leave my father’s maple I’m never coming back.

Under the branches crawl the shadows

Under the shadows crawl the roots

Still reaching out to me

Into the Threes

On the 22nd at the barge canal right next to colgate

Mick walker on a drum or two, Bob Alexander on accordion.  I’ll be playing requinto and cello.  I’m two or three of four songs into my next cd.  I’ll surely play some of that.  I’ll be doing work off the recent vinyl and off of the last cd -plus of course something old and blue.