Part Two: Dear Paul: The best ending ever: Wash in the Beautiful Steam

Dear Paul:  Have you  seen the creature walks among us?  It has the best ending ever.  They try and convert the creature to a human.  They get rid of his scales. He can breathe.  They give him a shirt.
It doesn’t work out. At the end of the film he heads back to the sea
But he can’t go in.  He’s not a creature anymore.  He can’t stay on land he can’t go in the sea.   They made him into nothing.  The movie ends with him just looking .
I suppose he’ll never get to Wakulla Springs again. Maybe the first time you got to Wakulla you already couldn’t go there. Maybe not- I don’t know.
1. The more he moves away from scales the more human he becomes-flesh makes him human.
2.  He will never get baptized.
4.  His feet are in the wet sand-as close as he’ll ever get-he’s a spectator.
7.  His feet are in the wet sand-he is the resolution – the raw and the cooked.

Paul Pearce Thank you:

UnknownPaul Pearce photographer extraordinaire, knows that:

I don’t get around much anymore

that in the second to last image, I look just like the creature form the black lagoon