Last week I was on the set of Owen Shapiro’s film Basilio the Musical. I’ll be writing the music and appearing in the film. There was an amazing crew and collection of actors.

Owen Shapiro directing, Munjal shooting, Daniel Simoni  The shoot at Hotel Syracuse with the talented and beautiful Christine Fawcett Shapiro
Daniel Simoni and Tyler Hubbell

Tyler Hubbell

Donato Rossi



Native American dancers at the film hub

Tyler and Joe Stray- A local boxer and now actor

There is a Wind

There is a Wind

There is a wind gathered by the branches

And so these things are drawn into me

That is where I tend them

I don’t know why they root so deep

I don’t know why they root so deep

There is a rain freezing in the air

Where I walk

I can’t help but say these things

They disappear back into the rain

They disappear back into the rain

It was the memory that changed me

The reckoning that made me watchful

Everything it was, it wasn’t

I can hardly find one useful word

And a word would only be

Just one more thing running through my veins



Open Tunings with Scott Regan

Hi Y’all:
Also this morning I’ll be on the radio with Scott Regan .  The show is Open Tunings on WRUR 88.5 at 10:00
Tune on in!
I am playing this weekend in Rochester at Bernunzio Uptown Music.   If you’ve never been— the guitars alone are worth the trip.
Check it out:
This Saturday I’ll be playing with George Newton on pedal steel, Hanna Richardson on vocals and percussion and Steve Simon on percussion.
I’ll be splitting my time between cello and guitar. Rehearsals sounded great.