Thanks to FLAME, everyone who came out and of course Juan Junco:

The New Deal

-new guitar, new-old music, new music mates, new mayhem playing with Tom Fay, Ted Curtis, Bob Elfenbein and the dark sister.


Check out FLAME:

I will be playing sunday evenings at 7:00-Im so revved about it.

It is great to hang here and Tash is a great host:  gracioso and warm.  The people seem clever, pleasantly so.  SO COME OUT SUNDAY!!


I don’t want to be a spanish mystic anymore

I am very excited:  This week’s Concord on Vinyl session has a host of great musicians and artists:

Mick Walker, engineer and musician who headlined in Amsterdam and toured with Van Halen-and now? Concord Place.

Billy Harsma:  A gifted musician and vocalist.  I love Billy. He is a Slant Six and a Tarzan Brother both.

Zeke Leonard: Makes his own amazing and amazing sounding instruments:  thinks about loveliness and is real. Untouchable!

Richard Curry:  My pal.  Everyone plays bluegrass on the washtub.  Richard plays Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson.

Jeff York:  Master of Animal Pants, songwriter, singer with a beautiful voice, one of us. On for it!

And that leads us to the excellent wimmen:

Harriet Conti:  Singer, player of the ookoolayluh, and benevolent includist. Best of all:  a listener.

Joanna Spitzner:  Hip; instrumentalist; hip. singer; hip artist. Ultra. Hip.  Fabu!!

Let us all bang on shit for the greater good.

Fringe Logo SMALL FN 4.10.13I will be performing on September 21 and 22 with a trio or quartet. We will play requinto, cello, washtub bass, accordion, percussion and a host of other instruments


concord on vinyl

Weekly recording sessions have been going great, really great.  These will result in a vinyl EP released this fall.

Here is an excerpt of a session with Mark Gibson, Sam Kogin, Wayne Stevens, Rich Curry and myself.

sylvie excerpt